About ZERF


     Every person, irrespective of his caste, creed and nationality is born with some inherent potentialities bestowed on him by God for utilizing the favours and bounties (nature) as granted to him by God for his survival in the world. Education is the pre-requisite for optimum utilization of these human potentialities and it helps him to manifest as perfect man in society.

     A quality education deals with the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom required to manage the secular (worldly) and spiritual (religious) life alike. Hence a person acquiring the quality education is required to lead the secular life in accordance with the norms of spiritual life. And it can bring about an egalitarian society needed for peace and justice in the world. A quality education empowers and humanizes the society and leads it from darkness to light, ignorance to intelligence and tyranny to generosity. A man acquiring quality education is blessed, can make himself happy and contribute towards the welfare of humanity. As such education is regarded as the backbone of a nation. Let us earn quality education so as to strengthen the backbone of our nation.

     Zand Education & Research Foundation (ZERF) established in 2005 envisions and dreams of the quality education for the students so that they can contribute towards the growth of our nation in particular and the welfare of humanity in general. In view of this mission and vision, ZERF seeks to achieve :

1. Free education to poor and needy students and orphans losing their parents due to Communal, ethnic violence, terrorism and natural calamity.
2. Free coaching and training to some selected students for competitive examinations like UPSC, APSC, NEET etc.
3. Free accommodation to the aged persons neglected and deserted in society.
4. Art & Culture :
    a) To arrange various game & sport, culture and literacy competition in various areas and encourage the people in these fields.
5. Rural Development :
    a) To promote activities for educational and socio-economic development of the society both in rural and urban by providing various training programs, source etc. to the youths for their future economic guarantee for their self employment and absorption.
    b) To organize training and awareness programs, camps etc. on the rural development program and policies of the government.
    c) To organize workshops / seminars / conference etc. on issues relating to improve the quality of life in rural areas.
6. Science & Technology :
    a) To organize seminars, conference, meeting demonstration public opinion to the various problems involving education by way of applying scientific education.
    b) To encourage the application of science and technology in proper manner improving the day to day life style and livelihood.
7. Education :
    a) The association shall time to time organize educational programs to highlight mass education and social awareness of the people in its operational areas.
    b) To impart higher education to the girls & boys students of the area in particular and to the students society in general.
8. Environment :
    a) To create awareness about forest conservation and the encourage the people for mass plantation of trees in the available land and to make environment pollution free.
9. Health :
    a) Holding of seminars, popular etc. to create awareness among the public regarding sanitary measures, safe drinking water, maintenance of hygiene at home, various contagious diseases etc. Awareness program prevention of AIDS, Adult education, health sanitation, nutrition, environment protection and rural technology.
10. Women and Child Welfare :
    a) To organize Health awareness programs among the slum areas, the downtrodden & illiterate poor masses, specially child & pregnant women & to assist the Department of Health & Family Welfare in implementing their schemes related to the welfare of child & mother.
11. Agriculture :
    a) To organize training and awareness programs for modernization of agriculture, multiple cropping etc. to raise the level of consciousness, productivity, income and standard of living of the learners.


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